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Hi, I'm Christie –
wild wordsmith and fellow earth-lover at your service!


If you're a business or publication that strives for a better world, I want to work with you

I have over 3 years of experience working as a sustainability writer and digital marketer for ethical businesses and publications. I've learnt from copywriting, digital marketing and sustainability experts from around the world.

And I'm pretty sure we share the same values too. We are both deeply passionate about communicating important messages around sustainability and inspiring people to make more earth-loving decisions.

My purpose is to help you consciously connect with your ideal audience, champion your inspiring brand story and ultimately help you succeed.

Because the world desperately needs more incredible businesses like yours.

But Why hire me?

Not only am I a passionate earth-lover who knows a great deal about sustainability and conscious living, but I'm also very results-driven.


If we work together, you can feel confident my content will always be: 

  • Written for your target audience and Google (SEO)

  • Bursting with purpose and authenticity 

  • Engaging and informative

  • Delivered on time

  • Easy to read

  • Relevant and well-researched

If you need a little more convincing, check out my portfolio and client testimonials

My goal is to make your life easier while your amazing ethical biz continues to change the world.   

A little more about me

I love the written word and have always been a strong communicator, having previously worked within education and the charity sector, and achieving my degrees in BA (Hons) English and PGCert in Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy.

My two passions for writing and sustainability coincided when I reported first-hand on the plastic pollution crisis in Indonesia. It was truly an eye-opening experience.


I’ve been fervently working for sustainable and ethical brands ever since!

When not writing, you can find me exploring wild places, doing yoga or watching Harry Potter - movie marathon anyone?! 

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But enough about me!

how can I help you?

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