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THE SOWELL is an online sustainability and wellness magazine. Its goal is to encourage and inspire individuals to embark on their own wellness journey alongside contributing to the wellness of our planet by making postive  small changes.

The project, Goals & achievements

Since June 2022, I have created monthly SEO blog content with a focus on sustainable lifestyle topics. The main goals are to increase domain authority, ranking, organic traffic and visitor site duration. 

How I approach every SEO blogging strategy: 

  • Perform in-depth keyword, competitor and target audience research

  • Craft informative, targeted, authoratitive and unique blog content 

  • Implement on-page SEO (primary and secondary keywords, keyword density, internal and external linking, optimised headlines, formatting, meta-tags, meta-description, URL slug, images and alt-text) 

  • Request indexing and track performance in Google Search Console 

The results: Multiple articles have seen a positive increase in site traffic and visitor's average duration, with ranking continuing to grow each day.

Writing Samples 

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