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Tripulse -social media management & blog writing

Tripulse is a sustainable activewear company. It advocates a holistic approach to sustainability where health and the environment are considered at every step of the process. Tripulse believes that fitness, both physical and mental, is the foundation for a good and healthy life and gives people the courage to live the life they dreamed of, to become their best selves, to make bold moves and to change the world for the better.


Tripulse needed support with social media management from August 2023 across Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook on a regular basis. 


I develop the monthly comms calendar, design video and visual content, craft copy, perform community management and conduct regular analysis. I always keep abreast of trending topics, optimise content for SEO, adhere to brand guidelines and use the correct tone of voice.

The main goals of the project are to increase reach following and newsletter sign ups. 

BRANDING: Minimalist, cool and active

TARGET AUDIENCE: Health and environmentally conscious, strong values and purpose-driven 

TONE OF VOICE: Bold, active, honest, caring

Tools I use: Later, CapCut and in-app analytics. 

Strategy & Progress so far

The following outlines my strategy to achieve our social media goals and progress so far! 

  • Content to build the brand (sharing story, values, brand mission, community focused)

  • Content to inspire and educate (blog posts, how-to reels, sustainable living tips, trending topics)

  • Content to promote (special offers, giveaways, promotional campaigns, collaborations) 

Plus, develop the following strategies: 

  • Hashtags and SEO keywords 

  • Consistent posting schedule 

  • Reels

  • Analysis & reporting 

  • Pinterest repin and board strategy

  • Community management  

I'm still in the early stages of developing this project however we've seen some positive results over the last few months: 

+ 244% reach

+ 22.1% reel interactions 

+ 78.1% followers 

+ 45.8% profile visits 

Content samples

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